The David Nott Foundation, UK

To create a fully interactive and realistic multipurpose surgical simulation training model suitable for running repeat simulations for educating students on a wide range of different surgical procedures and techniques typically presenting in conflict and natural disaster zones. The model had to have the scale and proportions of an adult male torso front and back with integrated neck, head and upper and lower limbs, divided into two parts for transportation purposes. Contained within the volume of the torso, head and upper and lower limbs there needed to be a series of deep internal cavities corresponding to an extensive list of surgical procedures with full mechanical articulation as required. Each cavity needed to contain all of the detailed anatomy including soft tissues, muscles, organs, vessels, nerves and bone structures. A tactile reinforced skin needed to cover the torso, head and upper and lower limbs and appropriately positioned incisions needed to be pre-cut into the skin corresponding to the list of surgical procedures. Each incision needed to contain subcutaneous layers and be properly reinforced for inserting a retractor, thus minimizing the risk of damage as much as possible. This project is still in the process of being completed but the model is already being used in surgical training for the David Nott Foundation and has already travelled to the Yemen, Kenya and Syria.